Baldar's Gate


Nestled around Baldar’s Bay just off the Chianthor river, a stone’s throw from the Sea of Swords, sits Baldar’s Gate (sometimes referred to as just “The Gate”). The thriving port city is one of the largest on the Sword Coast. It has a rich history and has been around for several centuries, which means that the visible layer of city is one that has only been relatively recently made; what bits of the old city lay intact underground is a mystery that few wise citizens ever set out to discover.

The city is split into two major sections by a thick wall; the upper and lower city. The upper city is home to the aristocracy and ruling class, but also houses such landmarks as the Hall of Wonders and the High Hall. The lower city is far more populated (though not much larger by pure acreage), full of life, trade, and crime.

Being a port city, there is protection for ships in the bay; the Sea Tower of Baldar sits in a small island near the inlet of the bay; a massive structure that is more than adequate to defend from an attack by sea. Several smaller towers on the mainland also overlook the bay, all where the city gate draws close to the water.

The city is surrounded by a 30 foot tall wall that goes right up to the water on either side of the city. There are three main gates in the wall to allow citizens and visitors to enter an leave the city. Two of these gates lead directly into the lower city, and one leads into the upper city. While all are heavily fortified, only North Gate, which leads directly into the upper city, is embellished and decorated with the seal of the city.

Baldar’s gate is home to many churches of that pay homage to various gods.

Baldar's Gate

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