The Magis’ Sanctum

The Magis’ Sanctum is a decent sized and unassuming building, if you can ignore the fact the building is permanently floating five feet off the ground and held in place by huge chains. The chains don’t keep it perfectly still, so entering the building can be tricky the first few times.

The Sanctum acts as an unofficial guild for any practitioner of the arcane arts, regardless of whether they call themselves sorcerer, warlock, wizard, or bard. The various mages of the city meet here frequently to catch up, divvy up tasks that have been brought to them by citizens, and occasionally deal with much more dangerous issues that arise in the region around The Gate. Recently, the majority of the more powerful members of the Sanctum left to deal with a Lich group gaining power in the mountains to the North.

The most frequently found individual found at the Sanctum is Fredrick Rovzavryage, an older man with a long white beard and equally long white hair. He keeps track of the various tasks that come into and are fulfilled by the Sanctum, as well as offers a variety of arcane services for reasonable fees.

To the uninitiated, the Sanctum can be a confusing place past the main lobby. Someone without any training in the arcane arts would find it nearly impossible to make it through the ever shifting labyrinth of passages, much less survive what the dangers that can be found there…

The Magis’ Sanctum

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