Salna Keensnout

The Rockstar


Salna stands almost six and a half feet tall, with bright copper scales. She has small scaly frills running along her jaw.
She wears a colorfully enameled breastplate and dark blue pants. The designs on the breastplate are mostly abstract, but along the collar and hip there are distinctive white scroll patterns.
Salna keeps her lute on a strap that she carries slung backwards from her left shoulder to her right hip, so she can easily sling it over her shoulder and start playing. She wears a sturdy belt low on her waist, which holds most of her gear. On her left hip she wears a pouch with a special case for her flute, as well as a strap for her bedroll. On her right, another pouch has a strap for her whip. She wears her longsword on her right side, the scabbard attached to her belt over the pouch.


Salna Keensnout

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