The Tank


No really, he’s basically the equivalent of a walking medieval tank. Just under 8’ with his helmet, Nabi is fully clad in metal from head to toe. It’s a fairly simple suit of armor, with few embellishments beyond some filigree around the pauldrons that looks something like a field of tall grass with various creatures hidden in it. His helmet’s nose guard also looks to be a stylized broken bone. He also wears gauntlets that have stylized spots on them starting at the wrist.

On his back he carries a large backpack with a set of rope and what looks like a folded pelt of some sort tied to the top in a roll. When not carried like a walking stick in one hand, his halberd (with a wicked serrated axe head almost as large as his own and a nasty back spike and arrow-like spear head) is usually tied to the backpack at a high angle, typically strapped on the opposite side as his set of simple javelins. On his left hip hangs a sizable warhammer hangs loosely next to a tightly bound coin purse. At the right hip is a large waterskin, with what looks to be strange runic inscriptions along one side.



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