Flower child/bear trap/actual bear...?


Honestly, Ara looks like a bit of mess. Her hair is often unbrushed and tangled as if she thinks that running her fingers through whatever she can is just as good as a proper brushing. When her hair isn’t down it is generally done in a simple braid that hangs down her back. If she is really dressed to impress, she likes to weave flowers in to her (and other’s) hair.

She is most often seen in a secondhand cloak that is much to large for her small frame. It looks to be in pretty good condition for it’s age but the bottom is pretty ragged from dragging on the ground. If you catch a glimpse underneath her cloak you could see that her leather armor is in much better condition.

She carries many odds and ends and trinkets with her in her cloaks many pockets. Almost nothing helpful though. Notably; there is even a pocket just for her pet mouse Cole.



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