The Shadow of Bhaal

The Sessions I was too lazy to write adventure logs

The party came back to Baldar’s Gate to find that Gardiax had been abducted. Raffarty dimension door’d into the palace and was immediately captured. He escaped, was almost recaptured, made it into the castle, and decided he would just wait for Duke Silvershield to show up so that he could get access to the tower that his love was being held in. He took a nap and, naturally, woke up imprisoned.

The rest of the party tried to deal with Raff’s actions and find him, but all of their plans would either take two days or just didn’t work. They headed back to the Broken Bow to prepare to enter the palace in two days time.

They were attacked in their sleep, almost fended off their attackers, but just fell short of success. They awoke imprisoned with Raffarty. The party escaped, found their armor and weapons (but not their bags and other belongings) and searched the tower for Gardifax.

After freeing him and escaping, the party hid out in Gardifax’s house to plan what to do next, noticing along the way that there were wanted posters up around the city for them. Gardifax explained that Portyr wanted them captured, and Silvershield had taken the opportunity to capture them for his own purposes. The dagger Gardifax’s father rendered inert still had great power, but it no longer influenced the user with the will of Bhaal. What Silvershield intends to do with it, exactly, is a mystery.

The party headed to Firewind’s manor, and escaped into the Undercity – the layer of old city immediately beneath the current version of Baldar’s Gate. They succesfully used the passages to get to the lower city and find Lander. They arranged to have Lander attempt to get their belongings, and secured a place to stay in his shop attic.

George and Gardifax have headed into the lower city to reestablish connection with Gardifax’s various contacts, hoping to use them to help the party either clear their names or continue to hunt down Ashhearth and her cult followers.

Battle's End

The party, having just defeated their third encampment of demons, headed towards the jagged and rocky hill that the Balor and Zeftina had been fighting on. Ara transformed into an eagle, and flew Nabi to the top of the hill, dropping the gnoll when the Balor used it’s fire whip to bring her down. Nabi succesfully shielded himself, Ara, and Zeftina, as well as knocked the Balor back by bringing the mobile fortress out. Zeftina healed herself and headed to the top of the tower.
The rest of the party made the slower climb up the hill, most arriving in time to see Zeftina leap off the tower and renew the fight against the Balor. The team joined in the fight, as the last of the demon army, the druids, and the rangers fought near the sheer sides of the hill below.
After a drawn out battle, Zeftina and the Balor having taken a lot of damage, Zeftina charged the Balor. She almost destroyed it, but held her last attack to warn the party away. Most made it to relative safety, diving over the edge of the cliff or heading behind the fortress. Nim, not getting the message, made it near the edge of the 20 foot drop, but turned and shot at the Balor at the last minute, nearly finishing it off. Foruntately, only one arrow hit, and did not do much damage.
Zeftina dealt the finishing blow, and Balor, as some had predicted, detonated. The flames began to engulf the party, but in Zeftina teleported them all to the base of the hill, having taken most of the final damage herself.
The party returned her to a greener part of the forest, watching as demons attempted to flee but were cut down at the edge of the blighted zone but druids that were lying in wait.
They found a pool and laid Zeftina in it. She revitalized enough to tear the jewels from her helm and had enough energy to telepathically inform the party that they’d meet again, but then dissipated into the water. Nabi, horribly confused for a moment, stamped around in the water to figure out where she had gone before remembering magic.
The party returned to the eye of the forest. No thieves returned to the site, a number of the rangers did (minus Tavos), and several druids (minus Theraga). A ranger gave Tavos Oathbow to Nim, bidding farewell with “may your arrows always be freshly painted with your enemy’s blood”. The druids asked Ara to come with them to find and reincarnate Theraga. After some searching, the druids, Ara, and Nabi found the dwarfs body, and created a new human body for her. After a period of adjustment, the now human Theraga joyfully greeted her druid companions. The druids/Ara/Nabi spread out through the blighted zone and cast a spell to increase regrowth, managing to revitalize about 2/3rds of area.
The rest of the group decided to head back to Baldur’s Gate.

The Art of War
"There's an optional BONUS round if you guys do well"

The party headed into the Cloakwood to meet with Zeftina. Upon arriving at the Eye of the Forest, they found that Zeftina, the ranger encampment, and a group of druids relatively close together. Upon giving the armor to Zeftina and having her agree to return the jewels embedded within the armor after the fight, the queen of the forest donned the armor and transformed into a leShay, an excessively powerful Fey creature. The party surmised that the armor, whether Gardifax realized it or not, was tied to Zeftina’s lifeforce, and taking it had greatly diminished her powers. Even with the return of the armor, however, Zeftina was not as powerful as she once was; she had tied herself to the forest after ages of living in it and protecting it, and the blight that had fallen on so much of it had affected her abilities.

The plan laid out was for the groups to split up. The druids the Leofalcon, Theraga, and Oltin had brought would work with the druids from Candlekeep to surround to the edge of the blighted zone and keep the demons from escaping and scattering should the Balor be defeated. Zeftina and her army, the party, and the rangers (who had inducted a number of the rogues into their ranks) would split into three forces, and enter the demon held region from three points. Zeftina, having the biggest available force, would lead the main and most direct charge.

The party set out towards their assigned path and made their way into the blighted zone. They were to head into a small valley, at the end of which was a cave that the party could use to access the blighted zone, which lay on the other side of a moderately rocky ridge. Part of the valley, which turned out to be more of a crevasse, had been blocked off by some erosion along the walls. The party made past the blocked portion, but it had cost them some time. When they arrived in the blighted zone, they could already hear sounds of battle echoing from afar.

The group headed into the territory, and encountered a a group of quasit squads led by a nalfeshnee. The quasits posed little issue, but the thick skin of the naleshness kept the party occupied for a time. Finishing this battle and heading deeper into the zone, the group then encountered two Hezrou (large lizard like creatures) leading 14 Manes (small flesh monsters). The Manes, even en mass, proved to be an easy task, but the Hezrou pushed the party a little closer to their limits. The group headed towards the battle they saw raging in the distance; Zeftina and the balor had started their fight. Arcane energy arced into the atmosphere in all types of elemental forms as the two beings weapons clashed. The party could feel waves of power emanating from the battle, even from this distance.

Pug noticed a number of mounds up ahead and pointed them out to the group. Nabi launched a javelin into one of the mounds; what rose was the beginning of the next battle; three Barlguras (giant red gorillas) and one Glabrezu (good luck with describing that one). The party deployed the mobile fortress they had acquired, and Nabi charged straight into the center of the demonic group. Nabi successfully sent the Galbrezu running, and the rest of the party began to deal with Barlguras. The demonic apes were capable of leaping great distances, so one of them leapt on top of the mobile fortress, and fought there. Another Barlguras dispelled the effect Nabi’s spell, and another fought any party members outside of the fortress. After knocking one of the Barlguras off the top of the fortress three times, and dealing with the other demons, the party succeeded in finishing the fight. Badly injured and out of many resources, the party headed into their fortress to regroup and stabilize any party members still unconscious. The path to the Balor and Zeftina now cleared, the party prepared to head into the fray, seeing the tide turn against Zeftina.

A Day at the Gate
"Preparation is the key to success"

I don’t recall the full sequence of events from this session, email/text me if there is something important that got left out I suppose.

The party finished various tasks around the city.
Raffarty visited Gardifax and discovered him hard at work on his speech for the Dukes. Gardifax attempted to practice the speech in front of Raffarty, but it did not go well. Gardifax requested that Raffarty bring Salna to help him prepare, to which Raffarty agreed.

The group decided to go together to help Gardifax with his speech. While there, Ara left Cole in the care of the butler, George. She spoke to the mouse and convinced it to stay behind, but had to compromise. Cole, after traveling with the party for so long, saw it’s own calling as a warrior in light of the armor that Ara had bestowed upon it. Cole would stay, but only to protect the Gardifax manor while Ara was away. Some of us cried a little bit. Salna helped Gardifax with the speech, and with some brief direction improved drastically.
Gardifax shared his library with the party, giving each of them a book he thought would interest them. Nabi attempted to spy on the Cambion from Gardifax’s library, but it was not close enough to the castle proper to work.

The party headed to the Hall of Wonders, and met with the eccentric curator (an old friend of Gardifax) of this museum and shrine to Oghma. He easily opened the box in Nabi’s possession, and showed him how to do so. The party, now feeling further influences from Bhaal’s dagger, attempted to learn more about the object.

Outside the Hall, Raffarty sold a number of candles, but was approached by a guard about the issue of selling in the upper city without a permit. Ara arrived in time to see him getting hauled off, but convinced the guards to go to Gardifax’s manor, as they were friends of the earl. Someone convinced a rat to go tell someone else about the predicament with the guards (I don’t recall if it was Ara to Nim or Nim to Ara, but essentially someone talked to an asshole rat). The guards arrived at the manor and knocked on the doors. The doors opened to reveal the armored Cole standing guard. George peeked out from behind one of the doors and greeted the party members. The guards, having had quite an experience with these strange folk talking to all manner of rodent and seeing that the butler knew them, decided that was enough for them to leave.

Experimenting with the newfound knowledge of the mysterious wooden box, a party member (Ara?) turned into a small creature, and the dagger shrunk to a suitable size. Nabi stabbed himself trying to collect the friend-turned-murderous-mouse. The party then opened the wooden box, Nabi took the piece of Yeenoghu (a shard of his horn) out, enlarged the box, stuck the dagger inside, and the allowed the box to shrink back to its original size, the dagger apparently shrinking with it. They no longer felt the daggers influence.

At some point during the day, a few party members visited the local shrine of luck. A familiar face greeted them; Sister Gareale, the priestess that Nim and Ara had met in Phandalin. She had moved to the city, but had left Droop, the goblin that Ara had saved, in charge of the village shrine. He had apparently had quite a successful conversion after being freed from his abusive tormentors. They also learned that their B&B was doing well, and realized they could arrange for some of their profits to be sent to them in Baldur’s Gate. Sister Gareale assured them, after learning of the battle ahead, that they would heal as many of the injured as the could when the time came.

The party hatched a plan to obtain the legendary lyre from the Elfsong tavern. Knowing that after the music each night there was usually a respectable and predictable brawl, the party staged a distraction so that a few of the members could explore the tavern unhindered.

After a successful performance by Salna, and some prep by a few other members, Nabi initiated the nightly brawl a little ahead of the tavern’s usual schedule, much to the dismay of the staff. Ripping off his helm and armor to expose himself in the midst of the brewing fight, absolute chaos ensued. The staff were able to save most of the furniture.
Pug, Nim, Ara, and Raffarty made it into the tavern cellar, and sensed the lyre somewhere within 30 feet. The group ascertained where to start digging, and proceeded to do so. Making little progress, Raffarty started shooting magic missiles at the dirt below the cellar in order to blast the lyre free.

Ara headed up to the tavern to see the brawl mostly over; Nabi had successfully defeated every able bodied patron of the tavern. Ara stepped up to continue the fight to buy a little more time.

Much to the DM’s dismay, Raffarty did not give up on the magic missiles, and after burning what was assumed to be most of his lower level spells slots, freed the lyre. The party headed back to the Broken Bow to rest up before heading to the forest.

Calm Before the Storm

MDF, having just completed their task of clearing a number of undead from under a mausoleum on the West side of the lower city, headed back to the Broken Bow to rest and await their friends and discuss Raffarty’s apparent necromancer powers.
Raffarty insisted that he never wanted the powers, but that they just came to him one day, and told Salna about the death of their parents. Pug, at Death’s behest, invited Rafferty to take Death as his own deity so that his powers would be used for good. Death, who had appeared during this conversation, grew tired of waiting and told Pug to prepare Raffarty by midnight. Raffarty agreed, tired and continually distressed that these powers had manifested.
At midnight, Raffarty met Death in Pug’s room at the Broken Bow. Death revealed that he allowed necromancer powers to manifest in certain individuals in the hopes that even a few of would come to Death to be the entity’s champions on the material plane. Death handled smaller creature’s natural end with ease, but for greater beings Death needed assistance in the form of those such as Pug and Raffarty. Pressed for time, as Death always is, the meeting was short.
That night, Pug and Raffarty shared a dream of a huge monstrosity that had laid waste to hundreds of miles of land, blighting the ground and destroying everything it touched. Though the figures around them were just shadows and blurs, the two could see each other, and both instinctively knew that this creature was why Death had called them both to service; their purpose lay before them in the dream.
Gnoll Inc. arrived the next morning and rejoined the group. Salna, who had turned in early and had no apparent problem with Raff’s necromancy, immediately revealed that secret to Gnoll Inc. upon Raff’s introduction. Nabi and Salna headed outside to discuss what this meant for the group, Salna eventually convinced Nabi that Raff was not currently a threat, and if he became one they would deal with it then. Ara, who had tried to follow along but was spotted by the pair, was sent back inside before she was able to listen in on the conversation, and stormed up to her room to turn into a lion.
After some coaxing, the group headed to take care of errands and ask for help fighting the Balor they had discovered in the forest. The group headed to the House of Magic so that MDF could establish they had finished their assigned task, and so that Ara could get an item enchanted. The entire party having now met Fredrick, the necessary deductions were made from the price of Pug’s blade and Ara decided to find her own necklace to have it enchanted.
The party headed to the upper city to meet with Gardifax. After a more successful game of darts than the last visit, the party informed Gardifax of the threat they now faced, revealed the existence and nature of Bhaal’s blades, and asked for help with the Balor. Gardifax sent word to Grand Duke Portyr to ask for the city’s army to aid them, but did not receive a favorable word back.
Portyr, believing the city had too recently faced conflict, was unprepared to handle or even acknowledge the threat of the Balor at this time. He decided to gather as many others of the aristocracy as possible and seek an audience with the Grand Duke in hopes of swaying him to a more sensible course of action. Gardifax made Pug promise to bring the armor back, or at least the part that belonged to him, and then retrieved the armor for the party.
The party completed various other personal errands around the city, intimidating the owner of the Elvensong Tavern into letting Salna audition for a time to play at the tavern, finding a necklace for Ara and delivering it for enchantment, meeting up with Lander to get an update on the ingot, and giving the lesser dagger of Bhaal to a garrison belonging to the Lord’s Alliance so that they could take it away from the city and keep it safe.
The party resolved to stay so that Salna could play at the Elfsong tavern and perhaps find out how to obtain a legendary bardic instrument from inside for the battle ahead.

Gnoll Inc. Investigations

Ara, Nim, and Nabi disembarked from the boat and parted from their mostly dragon friends and new druid comrades and headed to the Cloakwood at it’s most Northeastern point. The area was unfamiliar to them, so they headed towards the general area of the forest that they had traveled through before.

They eventually found a path, though the area of the forest was still new to the crew. The party wandered a ways down the path before finding three owlbears, meandering through the forest but sick with the same madness that the overall party had seen when first entering the forest.

While laying a trap for one of the creatures, Gnoll Inc. witnessed a tree appear to come to life and capture one of the owlbears, and a ranger sliding down to tend to the now captured owlbear. The party trapped another one of the three, and a second tree captured the third owlbear.

The owlbears were mostly cured of their madness by both Nabi and the ranger Tavos, but the seeds of the madness remained in the creatures eyes. The party befriended Tavos and asked him to take them to Zeftina, to which he agreed, leaving the treants to herd to owlbears back to a more diseased area of the forest to prevent them from spreading whatever it was that affects them.

The party met with Zeftina in the same clearing that they had originally seen her in, although it had now been converted to what looked like a base of operations for the halfling “queen”. Zeftina told them more of the mission she has charged them with: Gardifax has a suit of armor that is hers, and that she needs it back in order to defeat the evil that is threatening her forest. The party sensed that this was only partially the truth; the armor, heavy plated but halfling sized, did belong to Zeftina. She stole a powerful item from Gardifax and incorporated it into the armor permanently, so he acquired the entire set of armor in retaliation. She was truthful about feeling that the armor was necessary to save the forest, however.

The party took some time to deliberate over whether or not to retrieve the armor for the queen. During this time, Tavos entered the clearing and paid tribute to Zeftina, giving her a status report of what had happened that day. The party asked to speak with him, and left the clearing to do so.

Ara took some time to commune with the forest, and she learned that the forest was being affected by a bleeding through of one of the nine hells, and that the most powerful creature within three miles was…Zeftina. The party devised that given her attitudes and ability to rule over thieves and despots so well, that she was likely of Fey origin. Ara was too far away to devise more about the source of the blight in the forest, and Tavos suggested mounting an incursion deep into the heart of the blight to allow Ara to learn more about their enemy. The party agreed and returned with Tavos to his company of rangers for the night. Ara reluctantly sent Cole the mouse to speak to Salna and update her concerning Zeftina and the armor, and to wait for them to return before acting.

The next day, the party headed to a tower a little to the north that Ara had discovered by communing with the forest again. After a few incidents involving Nim and various traps, Gnoll Inc. arrived at the top of the tower.

They discovered a floating orb capable of locating objects and people at a great distance. They were able to see Mostly Dragon Friend’s location, Ash-hearth’s location, and the Earl of Gardifax’s manner, as well as learn that there were six other towers lining the perimeter of the forest. After seeing the Ash-hearth had returned to the city, Ara instructed a sparrow to inform Kava. The orb failed to locate Ara’s mother, as it turned black and exploded when it was asked. It reformed shortly after. The orb also appeared to be less powerful than Bhaal’s daggers, as it began to glow red and affect the party as soon as it was asked about the daggers location. Resolving to return to the tower after their foray into the blighted area of the forest, Gnoll Inc. returned to the rangers.

The incursion into blighted territory was successful but costly. Two rangers and three treants were killed, but the party learned that the source of the blight was a rift between one of the nine hells and the material plane, and that a Balor was responsible for spreading the madness that was spreading through the forest. However, this was not some invasion by devils, rather just the Balor acting on it’s own. After escaping the blighted area, Ara again communed with nature and learned that another entity was here with the Balor; a Cambion, the Balor’s child.

The party decided to seek retrieve their comrades, possibly the armor, and seek help from Baldar’s Gate’s standing army. They returned to the party and attempted to locate Bhaal’s dagger, and to see if there were any more. The attempt forced Nabi to kick Ara off the roof of the tower, which she was able to fly back to using her new beast shaping abilities. Nabi, ashamed of his actions, headed back down and shut the trapdoor to allow Ara to try again.

She succeeded, and discovered that dagger(s) were located at Gardifax’s estate, the Broken Bow, and underneath the city. Unfortunately, when locating one of the daggers, the dagger overwhelmed her through the orb and she killed the sparrow she had sent to Kava as it returned. She took the the sparrow to the bottom of the tower and buried it, and Gnoll Inc. set off for Baldar’s Gate to rejoin their friends.

Mostly Dragon Friend's Adventures in the Big City

The Mostly Dragon Friends (Kava, Salna, and Pug) disembarked from the ship at a dock in Baldar’s Gate. They searched for Lander’s shop at his waterfront property, but his sign was missing and so were all of his wares. The group searched the house, eventually finding a note that explained Lander had moved up in the world, and had set up a new shop closer to the upper city.
MDF headed to the Broken Bow to establish lodging again. Shortly after entering, Salna identified her brother, Rafferty, and he joined MDF, increasing the concentration of dragonborns in MDF. The group found Lander’s new shop and met Brian, his new assistant. Lander revealed himself to be a member of the Lord’s Alliance, along with the Earl of Gardifax. He suggested the group leave the dagger in the Earl’s possession for temporary safekeeping, or at least make plans with him soon to rid themselves of the object. The group left the book they copied from Candlekeep in his possession so that he could read in more detail what the summoning ritual took, how to stop it, and perhaps how to destroy the dagger.
The party headed to the upper city to meet with the Earl of Gardifax. Though Pug had inadvertently crumpled his letter of introduction to the Earl, Mehen, guard of the Watch of the Upper City Wall, allowed them to pass on account of his previous encounters with Pug. The party entered the upper city, found the Earl’s estate, and knocked on the door.
The butler, George, opened the door and allowed the group to enter. He left to retrieve Gardifax, taking his time to find the Earl. Not long after, the Earl rushed down to greet Pug, and invited the party upstairs to his gaming room.
Gardifax gifted Pug with a custom set of darts to match Pug’s robes, and played a game of darts with both Rafferty and Pug to break in the new set. After losing quite badly, an event that did not often occur, Gardifax had George burn the offending dart set that he was using.
The party took a tour of Gardifax’s various collections, during which Gardifax revealed a dagger to Pug that had been in his family for generations, kept safe and locked away. The dagger was identical to dagger the party had retrieved from Bhaal’s Crypt.
Leaving the Earl’s mansion, the party attempted to stop by the Firewind estate, but were denied access on account of the earl not expecting them.
MDF headed back into the lower city, and headed to the House of Magic, a meeting place and unofficial guild for all those who manipulate arcane energies in Baldar’s Gate. The met Fredrick, who agreed to enchant Pug’s dagger for a fee, but quickly removed the excess fee after both an agreement for delivery of a meditation enhancing candle from Rafferty and upon seeing the coin that Pug took off of Zuthad Zheel’zukek. The party left the House of Magic, though Fredrick bade them return should they want to take on any tasks for the House.
Salna played her set at the Broken Bow and Kava watched, Rafferty began working on his candles, and Pug set off to meet up with Lander to try and sell a few items at Gardifax’s behest. Lander bought a number of items, but would not buy Pug’s sigil ring, sending him to a nearby jeweler. Pug got lost, eventually finding a different jeweler, but arrived well after sunset and found the jeweler’s already closed.
After he rested his head against the jeweler’s door in disappointment, he looked up at the sky just in time to see a cloaked figure disappear from view on the roof. Pug used misty step to get to the top of the building. He did not immediately see anyone, but was quickly attacked by a number of black-cloaked individuals. He managed to kill two of them, setting one of the rooftops on fire.
One of the figures, after failing to hit Pug, gave him a smile and then leapt off the roof. A chase ensued, where Pug followed the figure into the aqueducts beneath the city, and then into the caverns even further below. He finally killed the bandit and searched his body, but found little to nothing.
Pug made his way out of the cave system and back on to the streets. While all of this was occurring, Salna had finished her sets for the night and noticed Pug had not returned. Shortly after she finished, a citizen burst through the door and shouted fire – the rest of MDF headed for the disturbance.
An entire block was ablaze. Salna spotted a small roving flame, heading to an untouched building, touch the building, and then move on once the building had caught. The seeming sentient flame turned out to be an invisible Aycha (spelling?), who was convinced that because Pug had set one building on fire, and the familiar had been left on said roof, that the task of burning buildings and completing Pug’s work had fallen to it.
Pug rejoined MDF, and the party had discussion during which Pug realized his backpack appeared to have been cut open on the bottom and all of his things were missing. They managed to find most of his belongings, but Bhaal’s dagger was missing.
MDF then had an adventure below Baldar’s Gate, discovering that Pug’s attacker had hidden the dagger under his armor during the chase, and that the dagger was now gone. They followed footprints through the caves to find two commoners that had been murdered, and managed to kill an attacker that was waiting for them. The attacker had a dagger similar to Bhaal’s, and it had absorbed one of the commoners and the now dead attackers soul.
They wandered through the caverns, looking for any other signs of Bhaal’s daggers. After crossing a sizable underground lake, during the crossing of which Pug’s familiar was eaten by a large unknown entity that also ate MDF’s boat shortly after the got off, the group found themselves heading up a stairway, back into an area of similar construction to the aqueduct. They found two cloaked figures in a room and managed to kill one, although the other escaped.
The party headed further up the stairs and back onto the streets of Baldar’s Gate, heading back to the Broken Bow for the night. The next day, MDF headed back to Gardifax to deliver an incredibly detailed candle of Gardifax, holding a sword in one hand and the scales of justice over his genitals in the other hand, standing on a platform that was encircled by two dragons. Gardifax put it on display in one of the first rooms of the mansion, so that any entering guest could see it.
MDF returned to the House of Magic, and Frederick gave them the task of putting to rest a number of Dragurs that were rising up in the catacombs on the Eastern side of the city. The group headed there, and after an intense battle under the cities large main mausoleum, managed to kill off seven draugrs in the catacombs. During this fight, the party learned that Rafferty was versed in the arts of necromancy, to the shock and slight horror of the rest of the group.
Pug’s deity spoke to Pug aside after the fight, and after a mostly one-sided and cold conversation the deity agreed that if Pug could convince Rafferty to follow his path and take Pug’s god as his own, then Rafferty would not have to be killed for his necromantic tendencies.

Redeaded Redemption
Hello children time for EMOTIONS and REVELATIONS

The party has just finished a battle with Zuthad Zheel’Zukek, an archmage that has turned to necromancy for reasons unknown to the party. Bruised, bloody, and suffering from acid burns, a nearly defeated Zuthad teleported away before being finished off by the group. In frustration, Nabi embedded his halberd into a stone wall nearby.
The druids Olotin and Leofalcon ran to their frozen comrade Theraga, and began to slowly thaw their dwarven comrade out after he was frozen by Zuthad. The party checked to make sure that they had it handled before exploring the scene of the battle.
In the center of the room were two platforms, one on top of the other in a semblance of a tiny ziggurat. Pug climbed the steps of the platforms to discover a wooden throne of sorts, which he set on fire. Behind each of the six columns the group finds doors cut into the stone, and double stone doors cut behind the platforms.
Nim and Ara, with the unseen assistance of Nabi, open the double stone doors to reveal a mineshaft with a mine track leading down deeper into the ground. The party traveled down the mineshaft to find a ladder leading back into the tunnels underneath the town.
The party explored each of the other doors. One opened to a small chamber with a chest; Pug attempted to find and disable a trap, but failed and was only able to grab a crown out of the box before became engulfed in flames. The adjacent door opened to a small mineshaft that led nowhere. Another door opened to a mineshaft with a mine cart inside; Ara and Nim were thrilled at the discovery. Nabi found one door to be blocked by rubble, and another door to lead down into another chamber. He opened the door and triggered a trap, which filled the room with smoke. He managed to find a small wooden box and leave before the room filled with flame. The last mineshaft yielded a fun (but slow and safe, thanks to Nabi and Salna) mine cart ride. The shaft ended abruptly, and Ara and Nim clambered out of the mine cart before it fell into the abyss.
The druids led the party through the tunnels back to their fortified inn, and the party slept for the night.
Leofalcon took the first watch of the night, and was joined by Ara. She shared her story with him, and he made guesses as best he could about the nature of her people’s disappearance, but directed her to Olotin as the elf may know more.
Olotin took the second watch, and was joined by Nabi. Though a bit of a silent and awkward time at first, Nabi was eventually able to garner Olotin’s interest in the strange box he had recovered. Olotin was unable to open it, or reveal any new information about it.
Pug joined Theraga the dwarf for the third watch, most of which Theraga drank his way through.
Sometime during the night the party was awoken by loud crashed somewhere off in the distance, but the druids seemed relatively unconcerned.
The next morning, as Nim came down the stairs, Pug immediately stabbed her with Bhaal’s knife, without being aware of his actions. The party deduced, with the help of Leofalcon, that the knife began to exert its power of a user after 24 hours; it forces the user to attune to it and turns them murderous. The party resolves to hand off the knife every 16 hours or so and bury it deep in their packs as a further deterrent to getting to it in a moment of madness, should 24 hours pass.
With that issue solved, the party was led by the druids to the edge of town. They resolved to search for the source of the sound from the night before; it only occurred at night so far so the day seemed a safe time to search.
The druids and party separated to cover more ground. After some searching, necromancer killing, and citizen saving, the party heard the sounds once more, in the general direction that the druids had headed. They rushed to help their new comrades.
After a bit of running, the party saw the druids running towards them, yelling that something was close behind. The party took cover in alleys and near buildings, and the druids skidded to a stop, not ready to leave the party to deal with this threat alone.
A massive skeletal hand appeared from behind a building and slammed down onto Leofalcon, rendering him unconscious and near death. An enormous skeleton then rose from behind the building, standing 50 feet tall, with smaller skeletons seeming to crawl over its body.
Late into fighting the monstrosity, Pug realized that Zuthad was lurking in the giant skull of the skeleton. After an intense battle, the Boneyard was destroyed, Olotin, Theraga, and Salna were frozen and nearly dead, and Zuthad’s head had been destroyed by Nabi’s halberd. A fire that had been started earlier began to consume the city, and the party made their way back to the boat, where Kava had fought off a small force of necromancers herself. The party set sail, with Pug’s master whispering that the reward for his service was already in his possession – the crown. After a short period, he discovered it to be a crown of astral projection, which takes 6 months to recharge after being used.
Salna spoke with Kava, who revealed her reason for being so involved. When her clan was murdered by orcs years ago, she vowed to hunt them down. She succeeded, but succumbed to madness and rage while hunting them down, and in her madness slaughtered a family of gnomes. Ashhearth was just a child, but embraced the ideal of slaughter, in a way losing herself to madness. Kava, heavy with guilt, never attempted to seek out other dragonborn. It was after this that she was wrongly imprisoned, but as a result of her actions she feels that this whole situation is entirely her fault. She intends to do all she can to try to reach out to Ashhearth, seeing the gnome as making the same mistake she did years ago. She asked Kava not to share this; she would do so when she felt the time was right.
Olotin did not have a great deal of information for Ara, other than this event had happened before, and was definitely of demonic nature. The druids that disappeared were never found, and he does not know of their fate.
Pug, who had recently sent his familiar away, summoned it as a quasit disguised as frog. The frog was able to read the abyssal on the box, and Nim was able to translate. The scrawl on the box, clearly added at some point after the boxes creation, had but one word: “Yeenoghu”. Opening the book on the demon prince found in Candlekeep, the box was described as containing an item that would allow one to scry out or perhaps even summon Yeenoghu. Nabi took some time aside from the others to reflect on this development.
The party resolved to split up for a time; the dagger would go to Baldar’s Gate, but Zuftina needed to be dealt with as well, and the druids needed to return to their clan to report on the successful defeat of the necromancers. The party sailed towards the inlet of the Chianthor river, to go their separate ways for a time.

Necromancer draft

Necromancer session:
-everyone gets off the boat
-head into town
-tons of dead people all over the place
-someone shouts hello
-zombies rise from the piles of dead and attack the party
-party finishes them off with little effort
-exploration occurs
-Nabi burns some bodies
-Kava helps out
-explore some buildings
-explore some town
-BeAra sees druid message on inn door
-Party goes in
-looks around
-no bodies in here
-find trapdoor down to strange old tunnel
-some people get lost in the tunnels
-Nabi sees patrolling skeleton minotaurs
-they do not notice him
-Everyone not in the hole gets ready to hold the street
-fighting with the minotaurs
-one dies
-another one disappears
-cannot find it
-find another trapdoor
-signs of the minotaur inside
-follow the minotaur
-lose track of it
-come out of the tunnels
-basement of tavern
-cave outside
-some fleeing villagers appear and run past
-go back towards middle of town
-find minotaur
-destroy building
-Necromancer and skeletons appear
-defeat this stuff
-tie up necromancer
-interrogate him
-Kava agrees to escort him out of town if he give info
-group finds out lead necromancer is in the cave, there are 11 more in town
-group goes to cave
-begin fight
-fun little fight with Zuthad Zheel’Zukek
-he teleports, badly injured
-end of evening.

A Nice Day at the Library DRAFT
"I hope you enjoy me mercilessly butchering the lore."

-Party sets out towards Candlekeep from their landing point
-Neato grasslands
-the grass gets taller
-and taller
-mountain in the distance
-that’s where Candlekeep is
-forge into the grasslands
-Nim is too short to see
-gets carried
-finally get to base of mountain
-nice friendly looking path
-take the path
-falling boulders
-look for more traps
-we’re good
-head down path carefully
-person on ledge?
-person runs away
-ditch to the side?
-Pug goes to investigate
-gets sucked inside
-bye Pug
-Nabi goes over
-something attempts to suck him in
-no good no good
-hops in the hole
-too big
-Nim and Ara go in the hole, attached to Nabi by a rope
-exploration of little underground cave
-end of the rope
-a Pug in a cavern!!
-go to the Pug
-other stuff happens
-basically everyone ends up near the Pug
-wake up the Pug
-ORCS appear
-fight the orcs
-kill the cyclops
-alright some cool treasure
-Drop sword for Nim
-lets leave
-to Candlekeep!
-get to base of Candlekeep stairs
-go all the way up
-guardsman makes them hand over some of the fancy ingots they found
-they go find the Burning Book to get some rest
-split up and explore the huge library
-lots of shit happens. So much shit.
-Ara gets a little lost
-everyone finds central stairwell
-explore various levels
-Ara finds Druids, informs them of demons in forest
-Nabi&Salna goes and finds books on Bhaal and Yeenoghu
-Pug and Nim go to find stuff on how to get a fancy dagger made
-Pug and Nim fall into darkness looking for the book
-Pug’s whatchyamacallit comes, they are in…space?
-Pug is ordered to get a move on
-they get out of there
-they all eventually wind up on the base level
-weirdass metal
-nobody can break it
-someone tries to steal the knife
-Nabi stops them
-they leave
-a few go up to top level
-Salna leaves a letter with a priest of Oghma
-time to go
-leave for small settlement for info on Necromancers
-get info on Necromancers
-head to boat
-head towards bay where necromancers have been seen.


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